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Welcome to Our School
Shristi Education Trust, constituted in the year 2004, is a steadfastly growing Institution for the last six years, providing the society with quality and value education through its institution viz., Twinkling Stars Kindergarten (TSK) & Shristi English Medium School (SEMS) at Lambhvel, Anand.


School Song...

We all the children of Shristi,
Love our school a lot,
We come from East and West,
We come from North and South
We all the children of Shristi .....

School helps us to play the man
And helps us to perform our task,
With laughter and kind faces,
That’s the strength of our school,
We all the children of Shristi .....

We learn to be kind and good,
In all we do, in work or play,
And grow loving every day,
School gives courage to speak the truth
We all the children of Shristi .....

We’ll make a channel of peace,
Where all the hatred will cease,
We’ll be the pride of our Nation,
Torch bearer of future generation.
We all the children of Shristi .....

Other Information
Faculty Members
Our Future Endeavours
Road Map

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Food & Pantry
Picnic & Tours
All the students are provided with balanced, nutritious food in the afternoon. They learn to more Each year, tours and picnics are arranged and organized at places which make their experience very interesting, enjoyable and more

Co-Curricular Activities

For the children of Nursery to Sr. K.G., the activities that help the mental and physical growth of children are skating, dancing, vocabulary building, fun colouring, general awareness and cursive writing.

The co-curricular activities at SEMS include yoga, karate, skating, dance, etc. which enable our students to enhance their personality. Among other co-curricular activities are Calligraphy and General awareness. See the Photo Gallery below.






















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