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School Song...

We all the children of Shristi,
Love our school a lot,
We come from East and West,
We come from North and South
We all the children of Shristi .....

School helps us to play the man
And helps us to perform our task,
With laughter and kind faces,
That’s the strength of our school,
We all the children of Shristi .....

We learn to be kind and good,
In all we do, in work or play,
And grow loving every day,
School gives courage to speak the truth
We all the children of Shristi .....

We’ll make a channel of peace,
Where all the hatred will cease,
We’ll be the pride of our Nation,
Torch bearer of future generation.
We all the children of Shristi .....

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Our Future Endeavours

The classrooms are well-ventilated, spacious with ample natural light. The rooms are housed with beautiful, colourful, well-designed tables and chairs for the students. The traditional board (the green glass board) and the display boards in the classes complete the proper set up of a classroom.

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There is a well-equipped library with a wide range of books, periodicals, magazines, etc. to cater to the interest of the children of varying age groups. The ambience is so created to make the children feel comfortable and enjoy their reading so as to create a bonding with books and make true of the proverb ‘Books are our best friends’.

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The school has a spacious computer laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped with small working tables used for conducting theory classes. Computer classes are conducted for children from Jr. K.G. onwards.

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The tiny tots of age group 1.5-2 years get admission to the Play Centre of our Institute. This is a place where the children learn to be in a group, learning the values of caring, sharing, communicating and building up self-confidence. It is a very informal method of training the children through games and activities. They get an exposure to different kinds of experiences of their level through various exercises and activities.

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The school has a vast open area, covered from the top, which is utilized for conducting various activities.

This multi-purpose area is used for morning assemblies, indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Ludo, etc. as well as for craft work and lunch. The space is even used by the teachers for their evaluation work and for making of teaching aids.


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In keeping with the proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, the school aims at providing wholesome, nutritious vegetarian food to the students which is prepared in a hygienically maintained pantry by a team of skilled and experienced kitchen staff who serve the children with love and care, so much so that the children await their ‘lunch break’.

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All the students are provided with balanced, nutritious food in the afternoon. They learn to eat all kinds of vegetables and pulses which are very essential for a child’s growth. Once a week the children are served with fast food like Pav-Bhaji, Sandwiches, etc. for change.

Conveyance facility (vans) is available for those interested. Separate amount is charged for such facility depending on the distance traveled. The Management is done by the concerned contractors.











































































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